100% of proceeds will be donated to the AustinBlu Foundation

The AustinBlu Foundation

On July 24th, 2015 Austin and his friend set out on a fishing trip. Later that afternoon, the weather took a horrific turn and a line of storms began to strike the coast of Jupiter. Austin's parents began to frantically call the boys cell phone and when the calls were not returned they immediately contacted the coast guard. 

Two days later the Coast Guard found Austin's boat overturned in the water off the coast of Daytona Beach, but there was no sign of the boys. The Coast guard continued to search for seven more days covering 50,000 square miles. After finding no further evidence, the Coast Guard suspended their search on July 31st. Although the Coast Guard stopped searching family and friends continued for several days and to this day their has been no sign of the missing boys.

The parents of Austin Stephanos were so thankful for all of the continued help that they received in the hopes of finding their son that they wanted to give back in a way to honor their son, so they created the AustinBlu Foundation. The AustinBlu Foundation focuses on promoting boater education and legislative action to improve boater safety.

These shirts are available to you in limited quantities. All proceeds will be donated to the AustinBlu Foundation ( Enjoy your shirts and thank you for supporting our Foundation.

The Quality

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